Saturday, 16 August 2014

Activity table

You know how toddlers love to play with stuff they're not supposed to play with? Well I decided to put all these things in one place so Oz could play with them till his hearts content and get it out of his system and so the play table was born.
This was a relatively easy and cheap project but I did recruit my other half for a bit of man power and to operate the power tools!
So it all started off with a pinterest board and a few ideas kicking around of things that were safe and would keep his attention. I made a list of everyday objects he loved to get his hands on and some he'd never come across but would be good to learn how to operate.
Most of the ones id seen were boards you some how attach to the wall, but I was concerned with how  it was going to attach, what if we want to move it, what if it falls on his head whilst he is attacking it? So I though a table would be a much better idea, not only was it more stable, portable and have room for more things but he was always on his feet so it suited him much better than something he'd have to sit down to play with!
Luckily we had the perfect table that was going spare, an old TV stand

Thursday, 26 June 2014

'Oh the places you'll go' Oscars 1st birthday!

So Oscars turned 1! I still haven't quite accepted my little guy has been here a whole year already. Its mad, I just read my birth story post and it seems like it was yesterday, I remember it so well.

So we wanted to have a party for Oz, but not go mad as he doesn't know whats going on so we decided on having a party at our house for family and a few friends. Originally it was going to be a BBQ but we then decided to just have party food to make life a bit easier (and no hot BBQ with kids running round!)
I picked the theme 'oh the places you'll go' (with the help of pinterest) and really like the idea as I would love for Oz to travel one day. As its quite an american thing, it wasn't easy finding bits for it so I had to get creative.
So I bought a copy of the book and went from there. I read through the book several times and decided on getting things in pastel colours. Etsy had invites and banners that I bought and received PDF's to print.

We also put the PDF in photoshop and changed the words to 'Happy Birthday Oscar' for another banner and also did another with his month pictures.
The PDF didn't cost very much and we definitely got out moneys worth out of it!! 
We made some hot air balloons out of paper lanterns and wicker baskets and used them for various things.
 We also made a hot air balloon out of a extra large balloon (from ebay) and a wicker basket I picked up in a charity shop. This was used to put presents in when people arrived (after a photo op first of course!)

That was pretty much all the decorations (as well as a few balloons) which was a bit disappointing as I had planned a lot more but just didn't have the time to do it all. But what we did do, i was pleased with.

We also bought a bigger copy of the book to have people sign, I'm really glad we did this as it'll be so nice for him to look back on when he's older and I'm thinking about printing pictures from the party and sticking them into the book as well. 
This was the sign I made (by made i mean took from pinterest and photoshopped his name on rather than buying it ;)

So the morning began with everyone rushing around manically as any good party does! 
But had time for some birthday cuddles and open a few cards.

After a quick trip to town for a birthday cake, after a cake pop disaster :( and a few more helping hands arriving, the guests began to arrive!
The day was great, I got a bit stressed trying to make everything go smooth, keep everyone entertained whilst keeping a very overwhelmed birthday boy happy but as the day went on I managed to relax and enjoy it. We had a couple of kids running round which was lovely, got the paddling pool up and everyone mingled in the garden, we were lucky it was such a lovely day!

Opening presents!

The granddads!

And then it was time for cake!!

Chocolate and the sun does not go well together. Luckily, after about a minute he threw it on the floor.

(Saira found some old school suitcases in her attic which we painted pastel colours which looked gorgeous!)

Oz was spoilt rotten, got to spend a lovely day with his family and friends and was well and truly worn out by the time everyone left! We had one last task before we put the little guy to bed.

We each wrote a wish for Oz and tied it to the hot air balloon then we let it fly away.


And away... 

Kid... you'll move mountains <3

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Life with a 2 month old

My little man turned 2 months yesterday, its crazy cos it feels like he's been here years, i can hardly remember pre-baby life.
He's doing brilliantly. He's a BIG boy, already in 3-6 months clothes and was even in a 6-9 month vest this morning that didn't look at all out of place!! He's holding his head pretty much on his own now and learning to roll over!

He's also getting the hang of this standing business. He LOVES to stand up. When he's having a paddy, the only way to calm him is to stand him up. That or stick a boob in his mouth!
We've bought him a jumperoo which i'm sure he'll love, gonna wait a month or two to put him in it though.
He's still not interested in a dummy. In a way I'm glad. Theres so many times he starts chattering away, (today to a sheep) that i think, if he had a dummy in his mouth we would never have heard that. 
So theres the little brag over (I can't help it I'm so proud of my little man!) 
Being a mum. It still feels strange sometimes, like when I went to the doctor and said 'I need to register my son' it felt strange yet it made me grin like the cheshire cat. 
I love being a mum. Its the most amazing feeling in the world. It can be tough, don't get me wrong. But for every hour he spends crying, one little smile makes it all better. I love that smile. 

I was getting a tad emotional, i had to go have a peek at him. 
We decided at 6 weeks to begin to get him into a routine. He has a bath, song / story and feed then goes to sleep at 7 (in theory) he has his good days and bad, for example yesterday he woke 3 times between 7 and 9, each time I had to feed him back to sleep. Where as tonight he was asleep by half 7 and hopefully will now sleep until early hours of the morning. He wakes around 1-2 usually then again at 5-6 so all in all we get a fair amount of sleep. We even slept in till 10 today! 
We co sleep. I love it. I know its 'frowned upon' but co-sleeping is the norm in so many countries across the world, as long as its done safely, it can be brilliant for baby and parents and especially good if your breastfeeding. 
Oz wears a 'Snuza' alarm. This is a portable breathing monitor which clips onto his nappy. I got it mainly so I didn't feel the need to check on him before I've gone to bed a million times. Its a great little gadget, I only wish i'd got it sooner.
I can't wait to see what he's learnt by 3 months, and I'm slightly scared to see how much he will grow!

Time for sleep and snuggles. Till next time x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What to buy for babies...

The problem with being pregnant for 9 months is that you have 9 months to spend lots of money on stuff you dont actually need for your baby. But its an exciting time, and with most of this crap being advertised left right and centre you have no hope of avoiding it!
So I thought i'd do a little review of those things that were worth buying and those that weren't.
Unfortunately I'm a bit of an ebay addict, I also like quirky unusual things which aren't a good match!
One bit of advice I will give you is don't start shopping too soon. Or if you can't help yourself, stick to little bits and pieces. People give you a lot of stuff, in my case it was bath stuff and a lot of clothes.
People always buy newborn stuff so if you see nice outfits, maybe buy them in the next size up so you've not got to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe after a couple of months.
So hold back and see what you get given first, if your having a baby shower, have it a few months early so you can see what your given and then have time to do the rest of your shopping.
(I got a lot of vouchers as well which is perfect for getting the rest!)
Ok, 2 bits of advice. Buy second hand. Baby stuff is EXPENSIVE, they know your going to want only the best for your little bundle of joy so they will charge ridiculous amounts for it. Some people would never be seen dead in a second hand shop, me I love them.
Internet sites such as gumtree and ebay are also great for picking up second hand items locally and at least you can see where they are coming from that way.
I bought a lot second hand, especially clothes. Why pay £20 for one baby grow when you can get a black sack full of second hand ones for £10? Of course its nice to get the odd few nice bits but they're not going to be in them for 5 minutes, and when they are they're just gonna poop or puke on them so save your money! Also with clothes bare in mind the season, theres no point in buying 0-3 months snow suits if they're born in June. Our boy is a june baby and has barely worn clothes its been that hot.
In the house its just a nappy, a vest if a bit coolers and shorts and tshirt if we are going out.
Bouncers, swinging chairs, walkers, all those types of things are expensive new but you'll find second hand for £10-20 usually just check they work and are in good condition first. All covers can be washed first.

So i'll start with the good things.

Co-sleeper cot
This thing is amazing! We started with a moses basket and then used a snuggle nest in our bed but this is perfect. I can feed him and put him back to sleep without having to get out of bed. He also sleeps better because he can see us.
Some people think co sleeping is dangerous, but with this baby had their own space and you can't roll onto them (not that you would anyway, I've fallen asleep with Oz in my bed plenty of times and your just subconsciously aware they're there, even when asleep.)
These are about £200 so keep an eye out for second hand on ebay. The only thing you will need is a new mattress which is about £50 on its own.
You can also get the 'maxi' version which is ideal for twins or bigger babies.

Sleepcurve mattress

This mattress is for a moses basket but you can also get them in other sizes. It has a dip where the head goes to prevent flat head syndrome and to help open the air way.
You can buy special sheets for them  but normal sheets fit just fine, don't waste your money.
We use it for the moses basket during the day and also in the cot on the pram.

Delta Baby Shantala Bath

 I love this bath, and even better, so does Ozi. I was expecting a scream fest but he sat there happily, almost as if he was enjoying it! Baby sits upright in the bath as opposed to lying flat, this helps calm them as its how they were in the womb. The water can come right up to their shoulders to keep them nice and warm. The shape also helps keep the heat. My only criticism is that it says can be used from birth, it is near impossible to bath a baby alone, you need two people and I can imagine this will be the case until they can hold their own head up. Also its worth getting a non slip mat for the bottom. But I do love this bath and would definitely recommend it!
We got ours from amazon for £15.99 which may be expensive for a bath but worth it when you see how much they enjoy it!


We realised after the first few weeks that unless asleep in his cot, Oz was constantly in someones arms. No wonder we couldn't get anything done! I bought this months ago after spotting it in a charity shop for £20 ( they're usually around £80) so we dug it out and its brilliant! He will sit in it quite happily long enough for me to sort myself out in the morning and has occasionally fallen asleep in it. Looking round the charity shops I see loads of these so don't waste money on buying new. The covers can be washed and everything else wiped down.

Tummy with mummy

I cannot recommend this enough. After only 2 weeks of using this Oz can already hold his head up. He is happy to go on it for short bursts at  a time. Not only can they practice their tummy time, theres a harness so they can sit in it or lie on their back making it perfect for massage or changing. It folds down do easy to store and portable. They are about £40-50 I found mine in TK Maxx for £30 but if your baby hates tummy time, id say its definitely worth it to make something thats so crucial to their development more enjoyable for them.

Kangaroo care t shirt

This is a t shirt that also acts as a baby carrier. The idea is to strip baby off to their nappy and pop them in it for skin to skin. This means you can do it anywhere and don't have to worry about stripping off yourself! I thought the idea was brilliant, we've used it a few times and he likes it but the weather is so hot i can't use it at the moment or he'll overheat. This would be ideal for premature babies for which skin to skin is even more important. They are however, way to expensive for what they are, they're about £50 new, I got mine for £20 second hand which I think is just about right. Can also be used as a feeding top after so you'll get your moneys worth I suppose!!

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hospital bag

So we're coming up for a month since our little man arrived, the midwife discharged me this morning and it made me really sad!! Not only did we get on really well and she was a fantastic midwife, but she brought my son into the world, thats a big thing! If I could go through the birth again I really would, i know that sounds crazy but it was the most exciting time of my life, Id waited 41 long weeks for it and now its just a distant memory and it makes me sad!
Anyway I don't want to forget any of it so I thought id post about the little details to, such as what you should pack in a hospital bag, so here goes!

For you -
1. Nighties. I'd pack at least 3. I probably only say that as I was in the hospital 3 nights but I only packed 1 and wore 1 so had to rely on someone to wash and bring them back. I went through about two nighties a day due to blood, baby fluids or cos i was so sweaty from the boiling hospital room! I bought mine during my pregnancy to wear to bed when my pyjamas got too uncomfortable so buy them early on to get plenty of use out of them. Also, if you plan to breastfeed make sure you've got ones that have buttons either part or the whole way down. I got cheap ones from primark, they had the good old granny style ones with about 4 buttons down the front, just enough to get a boob out of! Or a little more stylish long shirt type with buttons up the whole way, these were more expensive but easier to feed with and also great for skin to skin.

2. Pants. Take lots of loose comfy cheap pants, don't bother with the expensive maternity ones, primark high rise a size or two bigger will do fine, again buy during your pregnancy when your normal pants are uncomfortable. I think I paid £3 for 5 pairs and bought 2 lots.
I did buy disposable pants but they were too small but may be a good idea if they fit!

3. Slippers. They don't like you walking round bare foot in the hospital and you don't want to put your shoes on just for a trip to the bathroom so slippers are a must. I bought a pair of flip flop style ones so they didn't take up a lot of room in my bag. Also easy to slip on and off during that first 'whole body is aching' day.

4. A light dressing gown. Not essential as hospitals are roasting but I was glad i took one especially as one of my nighties was on the short side!

5. Maternity pads. I took a pack of 10, they were gone in the first day. Take lots.

6. Breastfeeding bras & breast pads  (if breastfeeding). Depending on how long your in and when your milk comes in. Nothing worse than milk leaking all over your bed!!

7 Toiletries.
Pack a little toiletry bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, deodorant and a flannel, I've never enjoyed baths, but those few at the hospital were heaven. They will make you feel human again! I also put in nipple cream, a nice natural one by earth angel mama baby which worked wonders in those first few breastfeeding days. I also had a perineal cooling spray again by earth angel mama baby, this is for you bits if you tear / are cut to help heal and make less uncomfortable. Brilliant stuff!

For baby
1. Vests. Pack newborn and 0-3 size. My little man barely fit newborn stuff and thats all I packed so I had to send Mike to get bigger stuff. Also, if your sentimental like me pack a nice vest for his first outfit so you can keep it after or make a shadow box (see my shadow box post!) Pack as many as you can fit in.

2. Babygrow. Same as vests, pack both sizes and as many as you can. If its summer pack light ones, winter, warmer ones. Also look for ones with built in mits, the pairs you can buy don't stay on well.

3.  Mits, socks and hats. Few of each.

4. Nappies. We planned to use cloth nappies but that would be too much hassle at the hospital so I packed some 'Naty' environment friendly ones. Problem was they didn't fit with his belly button stump so we ended up having to ask the hospital for some pampers. So grab a few packs of ones you know will fit. The more the merrier, they go through a lot!

I didn't bother with lotions and potions for babies, all you need for nappy changes is water and cotton wool. I wouldn't bother with oils and baby wash, they don't need it so young.

That was the bulk, I also took a few high energy snacks, a book, magazines & headphones. To be honest a magazine would have done fine, I didn't touch half of it. If I wasn't busy with baby or replying to congratulations messages I was sleeping. Don't take loads of rubbish, you won't use it. Its surprising how fast time goes with a newborn! A phone charger is a must though!

So thats your hospital bag. Its really important to pack one. You may think, ill get everything together when I go into labour to kill time before I can go to the hospital but remember things don't always go as planned. I had a home birth so didn't expect to need it. But as we were rushed to hospital straight away, having it there ready to go was crucial!

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Shadow box

So lil Oz is now 10 days old! Time is flying, the birth already seems like a distant memory and being a mummy now seems the norm. But I still look at that beautiful little face and can't believe he is mine, he is the result from all that time I spent with a big bump and giant swollen feet, and worth every second of it. I am totally and utterly in love.
Anyway back to the shadow box. This is my first post-baby craft and i'm glad I pulled my finger out and got on with it, these things aren't as easy to get done with a new baby around but I took advantage of his mammoth sleeping sessions and voila!
For those of you who don't know what a shadow box it (and can't guess by the picture) it is a deep photo frame you can put things in, instead of just pictures.
The frame is about 1inch deep so most things fit nicely in there!
Its a lovely alternative to keeping all these little treasures in a box where they'll only be taken out once in a blue moon. This way they can be seen all the time!!!
What you put in it is completely up to you, i put his first vest and mitts, bits from NICU - heart monitor wire, splint, plaster and info card, both our hospital bands, his footprint, 12 week scan, 4D scan and 1st photo, and a little map of our street to show where he was born.

You can put as much or as little in them depending on what you have.
This was one I made for a friend so I didn't have as much stuff but I think it still looks nice although minimalistic.
I got these from a local craft store for £9.99 each after almost paying a ridiculous amount online so have a good look around. These are lovely gifts for new mamas or you could make them for birthdays, weddings, memorials or other special occasions. The possibilities are endless!!

Sunday, 30 June 2013

The waitings over!

At last little Ozi is here and i couldn't be a prouder mama! I am completely and utterly in love, he is my missing puzzle piece and no words could express how thankful I am to Mike for giving me the most precious gift in the world.

Oscar Franklin May born 22nd June 2013 at 9.02am 

I wanted to write down my birth story so I never forget the tinniest detail of the most special day in my life, so I thought i'd share it. Unfortunately I will not slack on the details so i warn you now there is a good chance of many 'TMI' bits, so if you are squeamish beware! Ok here it goes!

It was the day before when I had a tiny inkling things might be kicking off. I had almost lost hope of my home birth being only 2 days until I would be induced, so when I say tiny, i mean TINY.
But I thought i'd stay positive and told Mike we should go for a walk just incase things are getting going. So we went to the pub, hey, a walk is a walk! We also went for a walk round the park a little later and walking was HARD. Ok, being that pregnant its hard to do anything, but something just felt different so I remained optimistic, and it certainly paid off.
So we went to bed and watched an episode of the hustle, not the slightest of twinges so a little bit disheartened but as I said I had pretty much lost hope anyway.
As soon as we lay down to go to sleep it happened. Pain. It was pretty intense for the start, bearable, but I couldn't sleep through it. Mike wasn't all that convinced, I think he'd lost hope too. It was even me who suggested timing them whereas every other bout of practice contractions he was quick to whip out his phone and start timing. So we timed a few and they were coming fairly often and like clockwork, where as before they had been a bit all over the place. So Mike suggested texting Barbara (our midwife) to give her a heads up as it was getting late and she'd probably be going to bed soon. She got right back to us asking for the timings so Mike sent them too her and informed her i was 'peeing like a race horse' and her response was 'I'm on my way!' I was praying this wasn't more practice contractions and I was dragging her out of bed for nothing, its a good job Mike insisted we text her, if it was left up to me id have waited until you could see the head, just to be sure!
She got here shortly after and observed, by this point I was having quite strong contractions which I couldn't talk through which is a good sign of labor. She checked to see how dilated I was and I was about 4cm so things were definitely kicking off! So we started preparing, Barbara went and picked up her student and Mike pumped up the pool. Before I knew it a few hours had passed, time was really flying and I was soon in the pool to help ease the contractions.
Oh, if you haven't figured it out by now, I had a home birth. I always liked the idea of a home birth, Mike was very anti it at first and it was only when the midwife suggested it and told us a bit more about it we decided to go for it.  I knew Mike wasn't 100% convinced, but it was the only way we could guarantee to have a pool, which he knew I really wanted.
Anyway, back to the story!
The pool was AMAZING it eased the contractions immensely and was so comfortable. I just wore a strappy t shirt in which was perfect to cover up a little without having something way me down too much.
I had previously got a few DVD's I thought id watch to take my mind off the pain but all I wanted to do was sit in the pool quietly. I talked a little with the midwife, student and Mike but those little bouts of silence were nice and relaxing and the midwife clocked on to when I didn't want to talk.
Did the pool really ease the contractions that much? Let me put it this way, I got out for a wee a few times and every time I had a contraction on the toilet. Almost every one of these contractions made me throw up, the first a rather violent projectile vomit at the toilet, covering half the bathroom in the process. So I would definitely say the water eased it immensely.
Considering things all kicked off at about 11pm, I was getting pretty tired so although I'd learnt all about exercises to keep moving during labor in my active birth class, I just didn't feel like doing any of it.
Mike went for a nap at one point, I thought it was important for him to get some rest, he would be more use to me then!! After an hour or so we had to wake him to get some more warm water for the pool, he was shocked I was now 7cm dilated! The contractions were a lot stronger at this point and it was nice to have him back for support. Not long after they got VERY strong, only just bearable with controlled  breathing (this really works, id definitely recommend a birthing class to learn these techniques) and the midwife offered me gas and air which I thought id give a go. It was brilliant! Although the contractions were still painful it took the edge off, it also made me very spaced out and in a way I wish I could have done it without because the rest of the birth is a bit of a blur. The contractions got PAINFUL, but I breathed through them with help of the gas & air and stayed as relaxed as I could.
As I said, this bit was a blur so i'll tell you what I do remember.
The door bell rang a lot. I think it was only twice but it seemed like loads, i wondered if someone had called the police! Not that I was really making any noise. It was only mum then the 2nd midwife Kerry, but I don't really remember them coming in.
Wanting to push. I was pushing a bit with each contraction as they got strong as it helped relieve the pain slightly, but I remember telling Barbara I felt the urge to push and she went 'oooooo!' Possibly checked me again at that point I can't remember.
My waters breaking. I was pushing and felt a pop, it was quite a relief, Mike noticed first and told Barbara.
Mum. Mike called mum, I can't really remember her coming in but I can remember her holding my hand throughout and telling me how good I was doing. I'm so glad she was there, her support during the birth was just brilliant and after at hospital, well I couldn't imagine it without her there, she was a lifesaver. Oops spoiler alert!
Mike. Like mum he held my hand throughout and never left my side. He was my rock and I can't believe how fantastic he was throughout the whole birth.

Then the gas & air ran out. I was a little worried id have to deal with the worst bit without but I was so focused I soon forgot. Looking back I'm glad it did because I can remember a bit more about the most important part. Pushing.
Pushing was hard. By this point I was exhausted and it felt like I was never going to get him out. I had my eyes closed throughout and kept swapping between being on my back with mum & Mike holding me up (I kept dunking my head in the water and shouting at them to keep my ears out!) and on my knees leaning over the side. I pushed and pushed and I could sense the midwife wasn't happy with how things were going and eventually she asked me to get out of the pool and come lie on the bed, I wasn't sure what was going on but I obeyed.
His head was stuck and he was getting stressed. The midwife did a episiotomy, I didn't feel it, i was just concentrating on pushing, but Mike said the sound alone was horrible. And then out he came! It was the weirdest sensation him coming out, I remember it so clearly.
The atmosphere was a little tense, he was whisked off to the other side of the room. Time stood still until I heard those first little cries. They were strong but you could hear the bubble sound of the muck in his lungs. Someone said ambulance and I panicked. I kept looking to mum asking if he was ok, she did her best to reassure me he was fine but I could see the worry in her eyes.
Barbara explained he had inhaled the meconium he had passed on his way out from the stress and needed to go to hospital, two ambulances were on their way, one for him then one for me after as we were waiting for the placenta to come. He was put on my chest for some skin to skin briefly but he was wrapped in towels and I couldn't see him. just feel his little warm body squirming.
The paramedics came, I was lying there butt naked but I couldn't have cared less. Kerry the midwife and Mike took Ozi in the ambulance and my placenta came out just as they left. Luckily I managed to tell the midwife I wanted to keep it and mum got it in the fridge for me.
There was a LOT of blood. Mum was great grabbing all the last bits I needed to take (luckily I had packed my hospital bag just in case!!)
The second ambulance arrived and off we went. The paramedics were interested in all Mikes foam stuff he was building, they were really nice and kept me laughing all the way to the hospital. Once there I was wheeled into a room to be stitched up. Mike came in, he said Ozi was doing good but was taken to NICU to start antibiotics as a precaution. He had two photos they took.

Seeing your child in a photo before you see them in person is weird, i mean really weird. One was a close up of his face. My first thought was he looks like me, also he's huge! The second picture was his full body, but he had wires and all sorts stuck to him and I didn't like looking at it.
I stared at his beautiful face as I was being sewed up, it was painful but just looking at my son, for the first time took my mind off it.
After she finished she got me some tea and toast, boy did I need that! and had a bath. I was so eager to meet my little man, but it was nice to make myself feel slightly more human first!
They put me in a wheelchair as I was struggling to walk and getting very out of breath and off we went to NICU. If you've never been to an baby intensive care unit, its not a nice place. Sick little babies in incubators wired up to machines, most too sick to move or cry, but there at the back was a little body wriggling and screaming at the top of his lungs. There was Oscar. He wasn't in a full incubator, just the bottom bit but was still had lots of wires on his little body. He didn't really look like the picture, he was much smaller, he was beautiful.

So thats pretty much my birth story, as I said its mainly so I can remember as much as possible, but its a good read if your thinking of a home birth.

Would I have another home birth? Definitely, although we had a few problems with getting hold of midwives and stuff, we always had a number to contact someone. Mike got a bit pee'd off at times but everyone needs time off! Our main concern was what if something went wrong and we wern't in hospital, but everyone was so quick, knew exactly what they were doing and I couldn't fault them.

 I love my midwife, id even go as far as to request her if we have another and ill be sad after her last visit.

Am I happy with who I had there? Yes, Im so please my midwife wasn't on holiday! I was getting worried he'd arrive on her day off and we'd have some stranger! I was happy to have her student there, although when she first asked I thought it would be a little weird it was good to have an extra pair of hands and I like to help out where I can, I don't know how many births she's attended but i'm sure the experience helped her out. Obviously Mike was going to be there, he really really impressed me with how calm and supportive he was, and i'm really glad he went to the hospital with Ozi so he had someone familiar with him. Mum, although she only came towards the end I'm so glad she was there for his arrival. She was extremely supportive and invaluable once he was born and Oz was rushed off. She got together the last bits I needed for the hospital, she was really helpful getting me bathed and stuff once we were in hospital and she even came and sorted out the pool and tidied up the house the next day bless her!!! I'm sure seeing her grandson being born was an amazing experience too.

Pain relief - I'm so glad I had no pay relief (other than gas and air) to be honest, I don't see the need for epidurals and stuff. Although it was painful I can't imagine not feeling it. In fact I regret using gas and air a little as there are now parts I can't remember as clearly as i'd like too. I understand people have different pain thresholds and deal with it differently but I would recommend an active birth class to learn some good breathing techniques as thats what got me through it.

Would I change anything? Of course the obvious, i'd want him to be well and now have to rush to hospital but even something good came out of that, the support I received from the hospital was great (mostly) especially with breastfeeding so maybe if we hadn't gone to hospital i'd have had a problem feeding. As for the actual birth I don't think i'd change a thing, I would have loved to have him in the pool and avoided being cut open, but at least I got my home birth.

Whats it like being a mama? Amazing. I cannot find the words for how much love I feel for this little man, every little smile (even if it is wind) brings a tear to my eye and every cry breaks my heart. Im so relieved he is healthy and am so excited to watch him grow and learn.

And lastly I want to thank Mike, for helping me create this amazing little life, for being there for me every step of the way, for being amazing during the birth and now being the most amazing dad. Seeing the love in his eyes for our boy only makes me love him more. He took to it so naturally, Oz is one lucky little boy to have him as a daddy.